Allison's Wonderland

Simply words

Hello, loves, I'm Allison Liddelle (just call me Alice) ! This is my lovely website full of all of my writing, completely uncensored. By uncensored I don't mean everything is X-rated ;). Ha, no, it's all put out there, no worries about hurting people's feelings, stepping on toes, concealing anyone's identity, and so on and so forth. Honestly, I love it. This is my favorite place on the entire internet, save my private blog, which you might find if you are both clever and lucky.

Also, we are welcoming another page dedicated purely to Lovely, my first published novel! It's super awesome and so you should totally download it. =)

So enjoy my dears; and comment. Comments make me very happy.

OMG, thank you guys so much for coming and visiting here!!! You make my heart happy. =) I love you guys!! 



Truthfully, I think if you go through all of these poems and stories you shouldn't need my bio; everything is written out plain as day in all of them. But, in case you were still curious, here is my very condensed story. I... am an 19 year old college (almost) junior. I love to dance, and read, and write, and dance, and paint, and draw, and dance, and sew/embroider, and dance. Did I mention dance? Dance and writing are my two passions... They have saved me from a joyous life full of mental disorders... I have schizoaffective disorder (depressive subtype), obsessive compulsive disorder, and anorexia as far as psych disorders (and I suppose you've guessed my coping skill)... Then I also have epilepsy, and at one point a small tumor on my pituitary gland, but it's gone now. =) 

Um... I LOVE Evanescence, Amy, Tim, Terry, Will, and Troy (and Ben, Will H, Will B,  David, Rocky, John) don't know it, but they've honestly saved my life. I spend entirely too much time on twitter (@gisellesylphide if you want to follow me) or writing up blog entries (Surviving Wonderland) and I have three beautiful, lovely adopted sisters, and my awesome little brother, and of course, my amazing girlfriend, Natalie. I do my best writing on swing-sets, I've got a billion books in the making/already written. Um... I like the color pink AND my name is not Alice. But I have my own reasons for concealing that...

So, yeah. That's me in a nutshell.